Cargo transportation

We render services of a cargo transportation in Tallinn and across all Estonia. All types of a cargo transportation, moving, delivery of construction materials, furniture, house equipment and everything that is connected with it. The skilled not drinking workers will quickly and qualitatively perform work.

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This type of service includes use of the cargo minibus and also professional loaders the having wide experience in this sphere. We render this service as private and business to clients. We carry out moving both across Tallinn and across all Estonia.

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Assembly dismantling of furniture

We render services in assembly of furniture at the highest level. Installation of furniture includes delivery of furniture, its unpacking, assembly, installation and utilization of a packing material.

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Export of household, construction garbage

This service allows to remove all household and construction garbage.

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Cleaning rooms, basements and garrets

This service allows to remove all large-size garbage by means of professional movers. The cargo minibus and also trucks for large volumes of work is used. It is also possible to order the container.

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Dry-cleaner of carpets of sofas

The dry-cleaner of upholstered furniture at home – a dry-cleaner of sofas, chairs, mattresses, cleaning at home at the acceptable prices in Tallinn outside Tallinn is added the price for departure. We provide this service only professional cleaners and the equipment.

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Commercial premises cleaning up

Cleaning of production rooms – the working room has to remain always in purity for increase in efficiency of employees and increase in production of the company.

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Janitor, cleaner

The firm renders services of the janitor-cleaner. The janitor keeps the territory clean. Tasks of the janitor include keeping the territory, foot paths, parking spaces, a green zone and also garbage lodges clean.

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Washing of windows

We render services in washing of windows. Two times a year are desirable to wash windows or are more often. We wash windows as from outer side and about the internal.

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Rent of containers

We offer services in installation of the container and further utilization of garbage. Prices by agreement. You can examine the approximate prices on this page. Freight can’t go beyond container walls. We take out garbage from objects the containers 15 m3, 20 m3, 25 m3.

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Washing of facades and plinths

Facades belong to the quickly becoming most soiled parts of buildings. Therefore renders services of a professional washing of facades and plinths

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Cleaning after repair

t is an important and laborious work which is better for providing to professionals. For better work and also economy of forces and time.

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Cleaning of floors

The Cleanvara OÜ firm renders service in deep cleaning of floors. Floors demand the professional leaving assuming their periodic cleaning and processing with use of professional chemistry and the special equipment

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Care of gardening

We offer care of gardening to room associations, commercial units and private houses.

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Removal of graffiti

The Cleanvara OÜ firm carries out removal of graffiti from various surfaces. Removal of graffiti happens to the help of professional tools and the equipment.

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We clean garbage lodges. From oversized garbage. On a constant basis

The firm also renders of cleaning service and to export of dimensional garbage in garbage lodges and its vicinities.

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